THE IDOLM@STER Million Live Theater Days & Other Announcements!

More details for Million Live Theater Days, shortened as ミリシタ or Millitheta were announced at the The IDOLM@STER 3 Stars stream today! Details for the release date hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s slated for a 2017 release!

First up, check out the PV above! Similar to Starlight Stage, its a Rhythm game, however, you can also communicate more with your idols in the four different rooms of the 765 Theater: the Entrance, the Dress Up room, the break room and also the agency office.

There will be two different modes for the rhythm game part, unit lives will be done horizontally, and there will be a variation of either 2/4/6 buttons for the live, and you can even use special appeals in the middle of the performance. Solo songs will be done vertically with 2 buttons for the rhythm game.

All 50 members of the 765 Pro Live Theater will be in the game, including the 13 765 Pro Allstars members!

Aoba Misaki (CV: Anzai Chika) was also announced, and she’ll act as the theater staff that will help you out in the game!

As the first campaign of the game, a preregistration campaign is currently happening, and there will be rewards for achieving certain numbers for the preregistration. At 100k a PV for Suteki na Kiseki will be shown along with a gift of 100 Million Jewels. After reaching 200k, a PV for Precious Grain will be shown along with a gift of 200 Million Jewels. 390k nets everyone a gift of 390 Million Jewels, and lastly at 1 million preregs everyone will receive 1 free guaranteed SSR ticket! So do register!

In 765 Pro news, the combination of Takahashi Tatsuya and Mana will be releasing a manga about Kotori and President Takagi’s early days titled THE IDOLM@STER Asayake wa Kogane Iro (The Morning Glow is Gold). The first chapter will be released on the Comic REX that will be out on 27 May.

In Cinderella Girls news, Tulip along with Shuko, Kanade, Frederica and Shiki will be released on 18 May 2017 for Viewing Revolution!

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  1. > unit lives will be done vertically

    I’m sure you mean “horizontally”

    and “黄金色” in “朝焼けは黄金色” is read as “Koganeiro”. (Jurikichi did so in nikonama)

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