The IDOLM@STER Weekly Updates

This week was a busy week for The IDOLM@STER, despite all the happenings (winds preventing planes from landing, shinkansen power out, fire at the Sendai port) the Cinderella Girls 5th tour started with a bang at Sendai. Million Live broke 800k registrations for Million Theater, and SideM had their second live BD announced.

First up, the ranking for the Cinderella Girls were announced at the Sendai venue of Serendipity Parade! This time around, FIVE unvoiced girls were in the top 10, so we can expect new voices for them soon! Girls with their names bolded are unvoiced at the moment.

  1.  Takagaki Kaede
  2.  Honda Mio
  3.  Fujiwara Hajime
  4.  Araki Hina
  5.  Kitami Yuzu
  6.  Sakuma Mayu
  7.  Murakami Tomoe
  8.  Hojo Karen
  9.  Seki Hiromi
  10. Sagisawa Fumika

Congratulations Kaede for becoming the Cinderella Girl!

Two new songs will be released: a song with the top 5 (Kaede, Mio, Hajime, Hina, Yuzu), and a song with 3 of the top rankers for Cu/Co/Pa (Mayu, Hiromi, Chieri; Kaede, Hajime, Hina; Mio, Yuzu, Tomoe). Additionally, Koikaze won the first solo song elections in Cinderella Stage, and Tulip won the group category. A new recording of Koikaze, along with a Tulip featuring Kaede, Mio and Mayu will be released as well. The Starlight Master CD for Ankira!? Kyousokyoku will also be out in 31 May 2017, and it will also feature a new song for Nao and Aikurushii by Mayu, Sae, Yukari, Kanako and Kanade.

In terms of Million Live, Koroazu accidentally said that they’ve passed 800k registrations for Theater Days in Miliradi last Thursday. They’re celebrating this through a Niconama on 30 May 2017. Right now only Pyonkichi is slated to appear, but other performers will be announced later.

The latest Wakeatte Niconama showed off the anime key visuals for High x Joker, and also announced their appearance along with SEM and the previously annouced Dramatic Stars in Anisama! Additionally, they also announced the BD for the second live. As usual, it will come in 3 different packages, one singular package for Shining/Brilliant Side, in addition to a Complete Side one that will come with an additional bonus BD containing backstage, cast talk and others!

Additionally, Good Smile Cafe x SideM collaboration will be held again from 30 June 2017! A HighxJoker Party box was also announced for ANIPLEX+, it’ll have playing cards, a board game, post cards, can badges and also a serial card with a link to a special voice.

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