THE IDOLM@STER Million Live Announcements

Pyonkichi said that the nama for Millitheater was gonna be すんごいやんばい, AND IT WAS!

First up, THE IDOLM@STER Million Live Theater Days related news: it’s billed as a live and producing game, so you have both aspects included: a rhythm game part, and a producing part where you can interact with the girls in 4 different rooms. The live part will have 2/4/6 and Million Mix modes which will determine the difficulty of the game. ALSO KOKORO GA KAERU BASHO WAS CHEATING NOT COOL ;_______;

In the producing modes, you can fill up a Producer Gauge by interacting with the girls, and you’ll be given gifts when the P Gauge is full. Background items like whiteboards and posters will change, and you can even send flower stands to other people!

Not only that, we’re also getting a pair of new idols as a part of the 39 Project, increasing the total new Milliontheater idols to 39 people!

First up is Sakuramori Kaori, a 23 old music teacher who is good at playing golf and enjoys riding horses. She’s voiced by Kouri Arisa.

We also have Shiraishi Tsumugi, a high school girl who calls the producer dumbass. Minami Saki voices her.

The game will also feature new categories for the idols: Fairy, Princess and Angel, (I’m currently assuming that this is done because the Vocal/Dance/Visual split in Million Live will be turned into in game stats, but this is a mere assumption!)

Going into CD announcements, the first CD in The IDOLM@STER MILLION THE@TER GENERATION series: 01 Brand New Theater! is slated for a 26 July release for JPY 1300 before tax. In addition to Brand New Theater and Dreaming by 51 765 MILLION ALL STARS idols (Sadly, Kotoha will still not be featured in the CD), it will also feature Umi and Tsubasa’s Invincible Justice, the song that played in the Mighty Sailor part of the 4th PV.

A new batch of solo CDs is also going to be released from August onwards. Titled THE IDOLM@STER MILLION LIVE! M@STER SPARKLE, the first four CDs will have the following girls:

01: Mirai, Tsumugi, Momoko, Fuuka, Yuriko (2017.8.23 RELEASE)
02: Tsubasa, Shiho, Kaori, Matsuri, Subaru (2017.9.20 RELEASE)
03: Minako, Sayoko, Serika, Konomi, Shizuka (2017.10.25 RELEASE)
04: Umi, Akane, Roco, Anna, Kana (2017.11.15 RELEASE)

All of them will cost JPY 2000 each before tax!

The free live event to celebrate a total of more than 1 million music related products that was announced in Budokan: THE IDOLM@STER MILLION LIVE! EXTRA LIVE: MEG@TON VOICE! is slated to be held at Nakano Sunplaza (where wanst was held) on 17 September 2017. They will do a night and day performance on that day. The performers for both lives are as follows:

  • Yamazaki Haruka (Kasuga Mirai)
  • Tadokoro Azusa (Mogami Shizuka)
  • Machico (Ibuki Tsubasa)
  • Ueda Reina (Kousaka Umi)
  • Oozeki Eri (Satake Minako)
  • Suegara Rie (Toyokawa Fuuka)
  • Watanabe Keiko (Suou Momoko)
  • Watanabe Yui (Yokoyama Nao)
  • Kouri Arisa (Sakuramori Kaori)
  • Minami Saki (Shiraishi Tsumugi)

As its a free live, the ticket does not cost anything BUT you do need to buy either THE IDOLM@STER MILLION THE@TER GENERATION 01 or M@STER SPARKLE 01 to apply for the lottery!

MEG@TON VOICE wasn’t the only live announced! Millionstars will be returning to Budokan, and this time around with the 765 Pro Allstars girls joining them this October! This will be the first time they do this type of live in Japan (they first did it in Taiwan). Performers haven’t been announced yet, so we’ll update you when they are! Serial codes to apply for the lottery for this event will be included in MILLION THE@TER GENERATION 01!

The cover for Million Live Magazine 02 was also announced, and it features the 5 Burning Girls members! Similar to the first one, it will feature interviews, manga and other articles!

Last but not least, a new manga serialisation titled THE IDOLM@STER MILLION LIVE! Brand New Song will start on Febri from the August issue! It will feature art by Ima-sensei!

Oh, one more thing! Follow the ML Theater twitter account and retweet the tweet above for a chance to win one of ten signed shikishi!


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