Ami & Mami beat Devil Gundam!


Do check out this PV for the Mujin Gattai Kisaragi collaboration event with Super Robot Taisen Cross Omega! As announced in the Producer Meeting last weekend, Harustein and Harukaizer will also be appearing in Cross Omega. Not only that, a special arrange of Arcadia will also be played in-game during the event!

Currently, as a pre-event preparation, both Kisaragi (Overmaster) and Harukaizer are available as gacha reward in game. SR and SSR versions of both mechas are available from the gacha. The preregistration for the event is also still up, so do register if you’re interested, as the more registration they get, the better the rewards they’ll give out!

They’ll be giving out crystals, a guaranteed SSR Gacha ticket and also the SR versions of both Harukaizer and Kisaragi during the event period!


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