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The iDOLM@STER: Afterschool Boys


HPT is proud to announce our very first mobile game, The iDOLM@STER: Afterschool Boys! That’s right, now you too can play the role of a foreign Producer and collect other Producer friends from overseas! Learn the struggles of what it means to be a “gaijin” Producer by purchasing price-inflated merchandise at your local anime convention, being kicked from region-restricted programs on nico nico douga, and getting into arguments with your boss over the PTO days you requested off for Japan!

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Some updates, 4/1

We’re still in the process to figure out the best way to collectively apply for the 10th Live ticket. The iteration of l-tike system that is being used is particularly picky about certain things, and if you can figure out how to register different codes using the same credit card, please drop us a note on how. Meanwhile we’ll continue to work on the planning around this curveball Bamco threw at us.

If you are trooper enough to roll your own, this guide should help. The takeaway really is, don’t worry. You’ll be able to go. It might takeĀ a while to nail down a ticket but you’ll get it done!

Some random notes while I’m here.

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