The iDOLM@STER: Afterschool Boys


HPT is proud to announce our very first mobile game, The iDOLM@STER: Afterschool Boys! That’s right, now you too can play the role of a foreign Producer and collect other Producer friends from overseas! Learn the struggles of what it means to be a “gaijin” Producer by purchasing price-inflated merchandise at your local anime convention, being kicked from region-restricted programs on nico nico douga, and getting into arguments with your boss over the PTO days you requested off for Japan!


Find other foreigner Producers by performing Gashas! Comb the internet to stalk and find Producers to collect using GP (Google Points) collected from the game or purchase HPT Coins for rare Twitter Gashas!


Combine two Producers of the same type together in order to awaken them and increase their abilities. The possibilities are endless!


Collect and use items to get through the event. Don’t pass out while queuing for goods just because you ran out of items!



Preregister now and receive a limited S Rare Shinikenshi! Find your way to the top of the gaijin Producer network with the help of his Shinisystem skill and hot and buttery goodness!

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