Some updates, 4/1

We’re still in the process to figure out the best way to collectively apply for the 10th Live ticket. The iteration of l-tike system that is being used is particularly picky about certain things, and if you can figure out how to register different codes using the same credit card, please drop us a note on how. Meanwhile we’ll continue to work on the planning around this curveball Bamco threw at us.

If you are trooper enough to roll your own, this guide should help. The takeaway really is, don’t worry. You’ll be able to go. It might take a while to nail down a ticket but you’ll get it done!

Some random notes while I’m here.

Takamori Natsumi discovered those crowdfunded cat earphones. More than a few people have made the connection from last Friday’s Cinderella Girls…

CG promotional events are still rolling out hard, with the Spring Festival event 1 last weekend.

And let’s not forget that earlier same day, the five girls held a release event at that place where Mio lost it, err Sunshine City Ikebukuro.

With April Fools on the mind, IM@S CG’s site skinned itself with the news about 1111Pro.

CG, by the way, has a lot of 4/1 nods.

Below is taken from a 4/1 doujin game idea page. Well, if the site is still live you might as well see it there, makes more sense that way.


Here’s a drop from an Age game.


Here’s from one of Type Moon’s crazy twitter accounts.


…And the saved image when that tweet disappear when the clock strikes midnight JST.

I’m sure there are lots of other ones that are out there that I missed, so feel free to comment on those while you play this Kirari Dash game.

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