twondThis weekend, iDOLM@STER Million Live will be having their second twond live at the Makuhari Messe Event Hall (previously the venue for 765 Pro’s 5th and 8th live) over two days. With a total of 21 performers over both days, this is Million Live’s biggest live yet.

We’re gonna use this opportunity to introduce some of the Million Live girls (and maybe help the guys who are going prepare a bit better). The girls’ names and nicknames will be linked to their twitter/blog and official agency profile when available. First up are the girls appearing in both days!

Kasuga Mirai (CV: Yamazaki Haruka)

Name: Yamazaki Haruka山崎はるか
Nickname: Pyonkichi (ぴょん吉), Harunyan(はるにゃん)
Birthdate: 27 June 1991
Hobbies/Skills: Cooking, Karaoke,
Image Colour: Reddish Pink
Solo Songs: Suteki na Kiseki (素敵なキセキ), Mirai Hikou (未来飛行)
Other Work: Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de (Kanzaki Tomoyo), Hayate no Gotoku! Heaven Is a Place on Earth (Suirenji Ruka)

The center of Millionstars, Pyonkichi is famous for hating water and being Miki and Makoto P. Pyonkichi (along with Koroazu and Mocho) appeared in most, if not all of the Live Theater Performance release events, giving her a lot of training. She started recognising seiyuu as a profession thanks to Fullmetal Alchemist (which she got into due to her mother not wanting to watch the first movie alone.) Pyonkichi, along with Mocho and Koroazu, acts as the personality of Million Live’s own Million Radio. Once when Akky guested in Million Radio, she went on and rambled about why Miki is her favourite.

Mogami Shizuka (CV: Tadokoro Azusa)

Name: Tadokoro Azusa田所あずさ
Nickname:  Koroazu (ころあず), AZAZ, pity
Birthdate: 10 November 1993
Hobbies/Skills: Arm Wrestling, Cooking, Tennis, Neatly shaping soft-serve ice cream, Cows
Image Colour: Blue
Solo Songs:  Precious Grain, Catch my dream
Other Work: Aikatsu (Kiriya Aoi),  Yuushibu (Fino Bloodstone), Beyond Myself (Solo album)

Due to health reasons, she was unable to make it for the first day of Million Live’s first live last year but managed to recover enough to appear for the last part of day two. Koroazu debuted after winning the 36th Horipro Scout Caravan (whom Cinderella Girls’ Ohashi Ayaka, and fellow Millionstars Machico and Kido Ibuki also participated in and got up to the final round). During the 8th anniversary live in Yokohama, she confirmed that she absolutely adores cows, especially the Holstein Frisian type.

Ibuki Tsubasa (CV: Machico)

Name: Machico
Nickname:  Kochima (こちま)
Birthdate: 25 March 1993
Hobbies/Skills: Watching movies, driving cars (and tractors), janken
Image Colour: Yellow
Solo Songs:  Koi no Lesson Shokyuuhen (恋のLesson初級編) Believe my change!
Other Work: Colors (Cover Album), Colors II -RML- (Cover Album), Denpa Chouhoukyoku (諜報局) assistant

A farmgirl from Hiroshima who used to help around her grandparents with their farm, Machico is really into Len the vocaloid. She was also one of the finalists of the 36th Horipro Caravan. When she first auditioned for Million Live, she actually auditioned for the role of Mirai, but was asked by Dire-1 (Ishihara) to use that voice and try out for Tsubasa instead. Pyonkichi was actually asked to do the reverse!

Hakozaki Serika (CV: Asakura Momo)

Name: Asakura Momo (麻倉もも)
Nickname:  Mocho (もちょ)
Birthdate: 25 June 1994
Hobbies/Skills: Hula hoop, crossstich, reading manga
Image Colour: Pink
Solo Songs:  Tokimeki no Onpu ni Natte (トキメキの音符になって) Yumeiro Train (夢色トレイン)
Other Work:  Sakura Trick (Otokawa Sumi), Witchraft Works (Kazari Rin), TrySail‘s Tryangle harmony (Radio)

A collector of quotes. A lover of udon. Hailing from Fukuoka, Mocho’s dream is to one day be put on paper money and also doing a live with the northern hemisphere aurora as the background. And fly in the sky (according to her answer in the latest Tryangle harmony pamphlet). Mocho, alongside Amamiya Sora and Natsukawa Shiina passed Music Ray’n’s second Super Seiyuu Audition (whom the winners of the first audition are the members of Sphere), and managed to get the role of Hakozaki Serika in her first ever audition. A fan of Matsuda Seiko and Detective Conan, Mocho recommends eating snow and candy at the same time to give it taste. (Please don’t eat snow).

Kitazawa Shiho (CV: Amamiya Sora)

Name: Amamiya Sora (雨宮天)
Nickname:  Tenchan (天ちゃん)
Birthdate: 28 August 1993
Hobbies/Skills: Grilling Meat, Legs, Bullying Mocho
Image Colour: Whitish
Solo Songs:  Liar Rouge (ライアー・ルージュ), Ehon (絵本)
Other Work:  Aldnoah Zero (Asseylum Vers Allusia), Isshuukan Friends (Kaori Fujimiya), TrySail‘s Tryangle harmony (Radio)

Tenchan enjoys grilling meat and drinking apple juice while going for Yakiniku according to her short special from Lisani TV.  Debuted as a solo singer in 2014 with Skyreach, Tenchan is currently a rising star with regular roles in several shows. A massive S, Tenchan gets absolutely ecstatic when bullying Mocho and Nansu in radio shows. Along with Mocho and Nansu, she’s also in TrySail, a newly formed unit with their first single slated for release 13 May!

Mochizuki Anna (CV: Natsukawa Shiina)

Name: Natsukawa Shiina (夏川椎菜)
Nickname:  Nansu(ナンス)
Birthdate: 18 July 1996
Hobbies/Skills: Panda, Knitting
Image Colour: Purple
Solo Songs:  Happy Darling,  VIVID イマジネーション (VIVID Imagination)
Other Work:  Aldnoah Zero (Lemrina Vers Envers), Sora no Method (Nonoka Komiya), TrySail‘s Tryangle harmony (Radio)

The youngest of the TrySail trio, Nansu loves panda so much that her room is filled with panda merchandises. In Tryangle harmony, she also has a mini corner where people can send in panda related information which included a panda themed hotel room. With the newly formed unit, Nansu hopes for the three of them to come up with at least a little bit of their own dance choreography for their songs. She also provides analysis of Mocho’s blog from time to time.

Nanao Yuriko (CV: Itou Miku)

Name: Itou Miku (伊藤美来)
Nickname:  Miku (みっく)
Birthdate: 12 October 1996
Hobbies/Skills: Watching Tokusatsu, Kendo
Image Colour: Yellow
Solo Songs:  Toumei na Prologue (透明なプロローグ), Kuusou Bungaku Shoujo(空想文学少女)
Other Work:  Futsuu no Joshikousei ga 「Locodol 」 wo Yattemita (Usami Nanako), Re-kan (Inoue Narumi), StylipS

Mikku is the same age as Nansu, and in the first Million Live, the pair covered Yayoi’s Kiramekirari. A massive Tokusatsu fan, she collects quite a few Kamen Rider belts. She wanted to become a seiyuu due to Cardcaptor Sakura, and in her birthday she showed her love for both Kamen Rider and Cardcaptor Sakura by covering Climax Jump and Platina. Mikku and Toyota Moe joined StylipS after YuiKaori left, and they are known to be able to jump really high.

Yokoyama Nao (CV: Watanabe Yui)

Name: Watanabe Yui (渡部優衣)
Nickname:  Yuiton (ゆい㌧), Hanshin (阪神)
Birthdate: 4 December 1988
Hobbies/Skills: Watching Baseball (Hanshin Tigers suporter), Eating, Tennis
Image Colour: Blue
Solo Songs:  Happy★Lucky★Jet Machine, (ハッピー☆ラッキー☆ジェットマシーン), Super Lover
Other Work:  Teekyu (Oshimoto Yuri), Kusuda Aina & Watanabe Yui’s Kibun Joutou Radio (Ageage), Rei & Yui’s Bunka Housou Homerun Radio!

A Hanshin Tigers supporter who is also the Goddess of Destruction, Yuiton is friends with Yakult Swallows supporter Matsuzaki Rei (Cinderella Girl’s Moroboshi Kirari) and Yamaguchi Rikako (Momose Rio’s seiyuu to the point where people think they’re so friendly its disgusting.). In high school, she was the captain of her school’s tennis team. She admires Mizuki Nana, and has been listening to her Smile Gang radio since the first episode. Her parents were actually against her becoming a seiyuu, so she had to work hard on her own to save money by doing up to three different part time jobs to the point of collapsing and being taken into the hospital using an ambulance.

Name: Fujii Yukiyo (藤井ゆきよ)
Nickname:  Stefuji (ステフジ)
Birthdate: 8 May 1985
Hobbies/Skills: Hanging out in cafes, stage lighting
Image Colour: Black
Solo Songs:  After School Party Time (アフタースクールパーリータイム), Frozen Word (フローズン・ワード)
Other Work:  Amagi Brilliant Park (Latifa Fleuranza), Log Horizon (Tetora), Patema Inverted (Patema)

A Mocho fan, Stefuji got introduced to the world of acting after getting invited by her friend to join the theater club in middle school. She lacked the courage to go forward with acting, but loved the world so she ended up working as a lighting crew for a while, before working up the courage to try acting. She actually ended up joining a modeling focused agency for a while due to lack of research (she actually ended up as a Miss International finalist.) After that, she joined another agency and ended up doing voicing for shows like Fairy Tail and Precure. One summer, she ended up going to a Precure Musical show and got touched by the kids shouting their support for Precure and ended up taking the audition for her current agency.

The remaining girls who are only going to appear for one day will get their own article, coming up soon!

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