Continuing the previous article, we’ll cover more of the girls who will be appearing in ENJOY H@RMONY. A while back, during the Million Radio anniversary, Dire-1 (Ishihara Akihiro) said that they went all out again with the live this time, and so people can expect different setlist for each day.

Day 1

Yabuki Kana (CV: Kido Ibuki)

Name: Kido Ibuki (木戸衣吹)
Nickname: Kidochan (木戸ちゃん), Ibuchan(いぶちゃん),Ibuking (いぶきんぐ)
Birthdate: 14 November 1997
Hobbies/Skills: Cleaning her ears, Playing with her dog
Image Colour: Orange
Solo Songs: Original Koe ni Natte(オリジナル声になって), Omajinai (おまじない)
Other Work: every♥ing!, Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku (Andou Natsuki), Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance (Claire Rouge),  OniAi (Himenokouji Akiko)

Kidochan enjoys cleaning her ears to the point her teacher points out that they’re bleeding. Another finalist of Horipro’s Scout Caravan like Koroazu and Machico, Kidochan is the youngest Millionstars member.  During M@STERS OF IDOL WORLD in 2014, she cried on stage while singing Original Koe ni Natte because she felt that the Producers there were very warm and accepting of her during her appearance.  A while back, while recording Kana’s second solo: Omajinai, she also cried because she ended up putting too much feeling into it. Currently she’s also in a unit with Yamazaki Erii, a fellow Horipro seiyuu.

Tenkuubashi Tomoka (CV: Koiwai Kotori)

Name:  Koiwai Kotori (小岩井ことり)
Nickname: Kotorichan (ことりちゃん)
Birthdate: 15 February 1990
Hobbies/Skills: Fishing, Computer assembly
Image Colour: Blue
Solo Songs: Maria Trap, Torikago Scripture (鳥籠スクリプチュア)
Other Work: Non Non Biyori (Renge Miyauchi),  Joshiraku (Harokitei Kigurumi)

After feeling the performer’s emotions just from Pikachu’s cries, she started admiring seiyuu as a profession, and at 17 she did her first narration job and decided that she’s going to become one. She loves this job so much that she wants to continue doing it even after she turns 100. In her spare time, she likes watching stage plays, fishing and assembling computers.

Takayama Sayoko (CV: Komagata Yuri)

Name:  Komagata Yuri (駒形友梨)
Nickname: Yuririn (ゆりりん)
Birthdate: 25 August 1991
Hobbies/Skills: UFO Catcher,
Image Colour: Purplish
Solo Songs: Kimi Omoi Birthday(君想いBirthday), vivid color
Other Work: Mangirl (Torii Aki)

Half Japanese Filipino, Yuririn started becoming interested in becoming a seiyuu after listening to Hayashibara Megumi in Shaman King. Thanks to Tsubasa Chronicle’s Loop, she ended up finding out about Sakamoto Maaya and started collecting her CDs. In the 5th All Japan Anison Grandprix (where Suzuki Konomi won), she managed to reach the finals. Yuririn enjoys yakisoba, and omurice is her specialty.

Shinomiya Karen (CV: Kondo Yui)

Name:  Kondo Yui (近藤唯
Nickname: Yunkon(ゆんこん)
Birthdate: 28 June 1988
Hobbies/Skills: Making snacks, Hula hoop, Nail Art
Image Colour: Brown-red
Solo Songs: Chiisana Koi no Ashioto (ちいさな恋の足音),  Yuukaze no Melody(夕風のメロディー)
Other Work: Noucome (Yukihira Furano), Transformers Adventure (Strongarm)

After listening to her favourite anime character’s voice in another show in primary school, Yunkon started becoming interested in seiyuu as a profession. She wanted to voice a robot riding character after watching Gundam SEED. In Million Radio where she guested, she was asked about similarities to her character who is known for being extremely shy and she said that their personalities basically overlap. A while back, she ended up getting influenza when she was supposed to appear at a radio program’s graduation show, and she has regretted it ever since, vowing to take care of her body better.

Momose Rio (CV: Yamaguchi Rikako)

Name:  Yamaguchi Rikako (山口立花子
Nickname: Rikanee(りかねえ), Chikuwa P(ちくわP)
Birthdate: 30 March 1988
Hobbies/Skills: Walking, Chikuwa research, talking about Akihabara
Image Colour: Pink
Solo Songs: Be My Boy, WHY?
Other Work: Gundam-san (Frau), Devil Survivor 2: Break Record (Fumi), Konya mo Anata ni Checkin (Radio)

Belonging to the same agency as Yuiton, Rikanee and Yuiton are good friends to the point where she cried when Yuiton sang Happy Lucky Jet Machine in M@STERS OF IDOL WORLD. She loves chikuwa so much that she calls herself a Chikuwa Producer.

Maihama Ayumu (CV: Toda Megumi)

Name: Toda Megumi 戸田めぐみ)
Nickname: Maple (めーぷる)
Birthdate: 8 December 1990
Hobbies/Skills: Hair care, karaoke, illustration
Image Colour: Pink
Solo Songs: Get My Shinin’, Unison☆Beat (ユニゾン☆ビート)
Other Work: Sakura Trick(Iizuka Yuzu), Hunter x Hunter (Amana)

April this year marks Maple’s 5th year debut. She keeps a pet cat at home. Live events wise, Maple previously appeared in the Sakura Trick event a while back. This season, she’s slated to appear in Etotama along with Rieshon. In Million Radio, she said that Yukinco (Cinderella Girl’s Anzu) who is known for not really caring about others was actually worried about her dance that she asked Dire1 to pay special attention to Maple.

Day 2

Julia (CV: Aimi)

Name: Aimi (愛美
Nickname: Aimin (あいみん)
Birthdate: 25 December 1991
Hobbies/Skills: Learning languages, Saxophone, Crane Game, Collecting Figures
Image Colour: Red
Solo Songs:  Ryuuseigun (流星群), Praline (プラリネ)
Other Work:  Tantei Kageki Milky Holmes TD (Tokiwa Kazumi), Future Card Buddyfight (Hyoryu Kiri)

Winner of the Osaka area 3rd Anison Grandprix, Aimin made her debut after winning the Milky Holmes Seiyuu Audition Tour. She surprised everyone in her first appearance in an iDOLM@STER Live by actually playing a guitar for Julia’s solo song: Ryuuseigun. In the 1st Million Live Anniversary live in Nakano, she actually brought her own guitar strap for her performance. She used to use two different names, Terakawa Aimi for voicing and Aimi for her solo music activities, but as of her birthday in 2013, she’s unifying both of her work under Aimi. According to the 1st live audio commentaries, the ML girls want her as their boyfriend.

Kousaka Umi (CV: Ueda Reina)

Name: Ueda Reina (上田麗奈)
Nickname: Ueshama (うえしゃま), Uebaa (うえばあ)
Birthdate: 17 January 1994
Hobbies/Skills: Cleaning, Walking, Drawing
Image Colour: Pink
Solo Songs:  Kokoro☆Exercise (ココロ☆エクササイズ), Renai Roadrunner (恋愛ロードランナー)
Other Work:  Hanayamata (Sekiya Naru), Tesagure Bukatsumono (Sonota Mobuko)

Alongside Tenchan, Ueshama was one of the winners for the 9th Seiyuu Awards. In Tesagure Bukatsumono, she actually played the role of 18 people. She debuted after winning the 5th 81 Produce Audition. Currently she appears in the semi-regular Niconama program Hackadoll Channel along with a few Wake Up Girls seiyuu, aiming to be the 4th Hackadoll. She’s known for her excellent drawing skills, and the soft spoken way she uses to speak earned her the nickname Uebaa from people because she sounds like someone’s grandmother. Ueshama is also currently involved in a crowdfunding event for Idol Recollection. The event itself was successfully funded, and is planned to be held this May.

Matsuda Arisa (CV: Murakawa Rie)

Name: Murakawa Rie (村川梨衣)
Nickname: Rieshon (りえしょん)
Birthdate: 1 June 1990
Hobbies/Skills: Singing, watching movie, dancing, observing the sky, thinking about history, sports, doing calls to songs, moving around constantly
Image Colour: Red
Solo Songs:  チョー↑元気Show☆アイドルch@ng!, Up!10sion♪Pleeeeeeeeease!
Other Work:  Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky (Escha Malier), Etotama (Nyaatan), Vividred Operation (Futaba Aoi), Fairy Tail (Coco)

She wanted to become a seiyuu after wanting to become Gon and meet with Kilua & Kurapika. When she was just 3 days old, she made the nurse who took care of her laugh. Rieshon enjoys shows like Sailormoon and Rayearth along with gag comedy shows like Gag Manga Biyori. Good friends with Sakura Ayane, they would go and eat together after recording. In events she is known to get completely off the rails and move constantly. Last year, she was also not feeling well during the Million Live 1st live, and ended up only appearing for her solo song and the group songs with everyone.

Satake Minako (CV: Oozeki Eri)

Name: Oozeki Eri (大関英里)
Nickname: Zekky (ぜっきー)
Birthdate: 18 August 1987
Hobbies/Skills: Karaoke, Saxophone
Image Colour: Blue
Solo Songs:  Smile Ichiban (スマイルいちばん), SUPER SIZE LOVE!!
Other Work:  Garo Honoo no Kokuin (Anna Luis), Garo Makai no Hana (Madou Brooch Orva)

In 2007, Zekky passed the first Seiyuu Award New Talent Audition before joining Production★Ai Gumi for a while until she left and moved to Office PAC, her current agency. At first, she mainly received dubbing related work, getting to dub Korean and American dramas into Japanese, before moving on to stage plays, game and anime. She would regularly post on her blog about her job under the お仕事 tag to let people know how she’s doing.

Konomi Baba (CV: Takahashi Minami)

Name: Takahashi Minami (高橋未奈美)
Nickname: Miina (みーな), Takamina (たかみな)
Birthdate: 20 December 1990
Hobbies/Skills: Speaks English, German
Image Colour: Pink
Solo Songs:  Dear…, Suichuu Candy (水中キャンディ)
Other Work: Aikatsu! (Kazesawa Sora),  Hi☆sCoool! Seha Girls (Sega Saturn), Shokugeki no Soma (Tadokoro Megumi)

A member of the Seiyuu unit Trefle (alongside Cinderella Girls seiyuu Suzuki Eri) Miina wanted to become a seiyuu after watching the Harry Potter movie. She felt that the Harry Potter world is the perfect magical world to the point where she kept her windows open so they can send her the acceptance letter to Hogwarts and ended up catching  a cold. The first anison CD she purchased was Wada Kouji’s Butter-fly from Digimon Adventure.  She likes Tsukimori Ren from Kiniro no Corda to the point where she learned German in university because in the game, Ren’s scenario involves going to Vienna so she prepared herself to live there.

Toyokawa Fuka (CV: Suegara Rie)

Name: Suegara Rie (末柄里恵)
Nickname: Suzie (すーじー)
Birthdate: 8 January
Hobbies/Skills: Singing, Soft Tennis
Image Colour: Purple
Solo Songs:  Orange no Sora no Shita (オレンジの空の下), bitter sweet
Other Work: DIABOLIK LOVERS (Komori Yui), Tokyo 7th Sisters (Kawasumi Sisala)

Suzie’s first live experience was the recent LIVE THE@TER PERFORMANCE release event a while back. She felt touched after seeing the cyalume light during that event.

Due to their relative newness, some of these girls still lack background information and roles, so please do your best to support them so they can shine!

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