IM@S Radio Scratch Pad: デレラジA #7

As told in Basu’s RADIOM@STER roundup post, Dereraji is one of the core radio shows revolving around CG these days.

Air Date: Monday, Feb. 23rd 2015, 21:30 JST (Weekly)
Hosts: Fukuhara Ayaka, Yoshimura Haruka, Ohashi Ayaka
Guests: Hara Sayuri

Sypnopsis: I don’t typically cover Dereraji series due to various reasons, but  major developments to Mio’s character in the anime led to Mio’s voice actor Hara Sayuri a.k.a Meshiya coming on to the show to talk a little about the latest episode so I wanted to share an excerpt from their chat

 From A Talk:

Fukuhara: You know, Mio really reflected on her actions. She looked at her misunderstanding and accepted it. It feels like she’s grown very quickly and matured.

Yoshimura: Well, regarding “misunderstanding,” I think it’s not that “the audience was so sparse, it’s totally different” that was the shock, but that she thought it was her own fault. To take all that responsibility on herself. Seeing that, I thought she seemed like a really good girl at heart. It’s not something I could do.

Fukuhara: Worrying about things like “If so many people will come, will they be able to get a good view?” I think is a very Mio-like quality.

Hara: Yeah from Mio’s point of view, she had been in Mika-nee’s live and there was such a huge fired up crowd. That put the idea of a “successful live” in her head. So when she got so few customers in her own live, she thought, “it must be because I’m the leader.” Because really, before that, the Producer did arrange so much press for them. Like getting Yoshizawa and other reporters. And put them on radios, and there was just no shortage of PR that it really did seem like there should have been a much bigger audience. Then when she saw the small crowd, her feeling was that she had failed them somehow, and that’s why there were so few people. And when she thought about it like that, she came to think “I’m not suited to be an idol” and I think that’s why she said she’ll stop being one. So later, when Producer gives her some reassurance that it’s a successful live after all, she got so emotional and cried out ‘PRODUCER’

Web Commentary (via HiBiKi Radio Station):

Fuurin (Fukuhara Ayaka/Shibuya Rin)

Thank you for listening to Dereraji ヽ(・ω・)ノ✧✧
And, and!!! Job well done at the preorder and special events!!!
It was fun being able to meet a lot of Producers ヽ(・ω・)ノ✧✧✧✧✧
Thank you to those who talked about Dougenzaka Noboru as well, he also sends his regards☆

Dogenzaka Noboru (???)

I’ve heard news from Ms. Fukuhara.
One day, I also would like to meet a lot of Producers.
Listeners from “CINDERELLA PARTY!”, let’s get along as well!

Rurukyan (Yoshimura Haruka/Jougasaki Rika)

Today, Meshichan came in as our guest ♥
I received your energy from our exciting preorder event ♥♥
Thanks so much!!

Sayusayu/Meshiya (Hara Sayuri/Honda Mio)

I’ve come over from “CINDERELLA PARTY!”☆
Derepa supports Dereraji A, so please support us as well!!

…Well, putting that aside.
I’m glad I was able to come after a big development in the anime. Thank you!!
Next week’s (or rather this week’s) episode is a special edition!!
After that there will be some fun material so please look forward to it.
Also, the preorder event had Many Many Producers. (in English)
Our talk was able to be Very Very Funny.
Thank You So Much!
Somehow I’ve been in English mode today.

Please support us in Dereraji A and Derepa!☆☆★


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