An Intro to Houkago P Time


Hiya! ExcielP here to proudly announce our recent launch of the official Houkago P Time website!


Simply put we are an international group of devoted fans of the idolm@ster series that hope to spread the love and support of im@s all over the world. Whether it be 765Pro, Cinderella Girls, Million Live or even sideM, we hope to be able to accommodate news, assistance, personal reports of im@s events, and general info for all fans of the series!

Some of our near future plans with this website include setting up assistance for overseas fans planning to attend the idolm@ster 10th anniversary live, as we know there are many who wish to attend but are visiting Japan for the very first time. Check out the 10th tag for some already great guides to attending 10th written by the other, more talented Producers on Houkago P Time. As im@s grows more and more international, we’re also interested in other group projects for events such as assembling flower stands and call books.

Speaking of which, it’s a hot time to be a Producer from overseas. With AFA in Singapore hosting the first live idolm@ster event outside of Japan recently and C3 in Hong Kong bringing the Cinderella Girls, it’s likely Scamco BNGI may begin branching out more to the overseas market. But that really has nothing to do with the fact that ASAPON WAS ANNOUNCED FOR ANIME NORTH this year which means you can bet the North American branch of Producers will be up there in Canada (again) this year to greet her!!!

So definitely keep your eyes out for Anime North related news as we hope to make this year even bigger and better than the previous two for idolm@ster Ps both in NA and coming from Japan.

HPT History

As for some useless trivia, HPT actually began as a small but eager group of idolm@ster fans journeying to the cold north of Toronto in 2013 to see Nakamura Eriko at Anime North. Those Producers at the time were almost complete strangers who only knew each other through twitter! Since then the group has expanded to Ps across several other countries including Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Poland, and France. HPT has since attended several idolm@ster events and lives in Japan and overseas including SSA and 9th anniversary live. You could say that Anime North holds the roots of HPT’s creation which is why the con holds a special place in our hearts (although the actual convention itself has almost nothing to do with it).


That’s only a very short introduction to Houkago P Time for now but thank you for taking the time to read this post and hopefully many more from now on. We’ll do our best to bring you as much idolm@ster content in English as we can. Please follow the Houkago P Time twitter account if you’d like to keep yourself updated. o/


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