Asapon North is a thing, and other news

A bit of a news roundup…

Anime North announced Shimoda Asami (CV: Ami/Mami) as a guest this year. This is the third Arts Vision IM@S connection that Anime North has made. It should also excite all the Vocaloid people, right? Now is the best time to fill out our survey if you are going to Anime North.

Flowers for THE IDOLM@STER STATION is taking your donations.

This past weekend there was a lot of Cinderella Girls promo, with many of the core 14 CVs making local visits across Japan, and a special event that went with the release. Here’s such a report. More importantly they announced an event on 3/29 at Sun Plaza (which was also depicted in the CG anime 2 episodes ago).

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