More News, Chihaya Birthday Edition

It’s not quite 2/25 here, but it has already started…

Figma Rin second edition slated for July. You can also preorder her now. Who knows how accurate it is though, with figure release dates…

The trailer for this week’s Cinderella Girls anime is out. Remember it’s just a talk show this week, the actual anime will resume next week. I haven’t heard anything about this episode being streamed by Daisuki so I guess we’re left to our own means. Then again if you are a broken seiota like me you probably prefer this just as much as the actual anime. TakeP is so adorbs, right?

Star!! sold 47k copies as tracked by Oricon in its first week, as previously reported. This makes the best first week of sales for any IM@S music ever. That’s all.

Mood-wise, HPT is still hyped over Asapon North. Check out Exciel’s little blurb, as he is really the core guy behind a lot of this.

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