HPT Podcast episode 4

Super extra long episode for you this week! It’s like 52 minutes!

Podcast notes:

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 03:09 News: Nakamuland redux, Love Live collab clip, Music Japan
  • 18:29 Shukuji: Letter writing, IM@S 9th, first timer eventer (B-baka…)
  • 38:03 Music: @Furby_NineMusez’s “M@STERPIECE” edit
  • 42:04 Seiyuu Crosstalk: Uchida maaya
  • 51:46 Ending

We went overboard because we went into nostalgia overdrive. IM@S 9th is a very special live, even to someone like me who wasn’t able to attend. So pardon the extra-long show this week.

Contrary to what Kuro says, the next episode might take longer to be released due to scheduling and AFA, but we’ll record this coming weekend so please, please, PLEASE, send us some cool letters with the forms below, hopefully before this weekend so we can read them?

In addition we have a special form below because we want your input for something this coming week. Hopefully the end result will be a lot of fun…

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