Houkago P Talk episode 3

Hi guys, we changed the podcast name again.

Podcast notes:

Host: Basu
Guests: Exciel, Kuro, JT

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 03:03 News: CG2nd, 10th Pops
  • 10:28 Shukuji: CG what-ifs, SideM
  • 16:28 Music: @Death_East’s “I Want” metal remix
  • 18:23 Seiyuu Crosstalk: Nakamura Eriko
  • 32:04 Ending notes

HPT Origin Story episode!

Please give us your feedback. We want! Your! Feedback! Please use either the comments here, @omonomono or @houkagoptime, or the Google form below, to leave your feedback. You can provide us with a letter to read on the air too. Please!

Some housekeeping items:

We’re not going to be able to record much in the coming weeks, but something special will happen somehow. Have faith, faito! If you are going to AFASG, look for an average producer with an audio recorder?

Feel free to write in if you want us to talk about something on air, I mean I said this already but it’s kind of fun to talk about stuff that way.

The music corner will probably switch, starting this week, to cover more IM@S remixes and to highlight the very diverse community of fan-produced IM@S music out there. If you have any recommendations that we can play, please drop us a note.

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