Nakamura Eriko Last Solo Live Flower Stand

Hello, everyone.

Recently, Amami Haruka’s seiyuu, Nakamura Eriko, announced that she would be holding her final Nakamuland solo live this year in November (11/8).

While there is no information regarding whether or not she will be retiring for good, we here at HPT would like to do something special for her regardless.

We will be organizing two things similar to what was done for 10th: flowers and a message book. If you’re interested in contributing, please fill out the following forms.

If you donate to the flower stand, you will have a full page in the message book to do whatever you want with, so long as it is black and white.

If you do not donate, but would like to leave a message, you may submit a message no longer than a three-line paragraph which we will compile together.

The exact flower stand design is yet to be determined, but will mostly be done by @exciel_co_log. We will also be finding an artist to do art for the flower stand and message book.

Update (2015-09-23)


  • 2015-09-30: End of Donation Submission Period
  • 2015-10-07: End of funds collection and submissions for message book entries
  • 2015-10-08: Payment to flower shop





10 thoughts on “Nakamura Eriko Last Solo Live Flower Stand”

  1. Do you guys do translation for messages? I dont feel confident in writing mine in jap..

  2. Hey – this seems like a great idea. Is this open to anyone, or just people in this group? I’ve been reading about your adventures for a little while (thanks for letting me see a bit of 10th through your posts!) but is there a way to “apply” or “join”?

  3. Two quick questions,
    When is the cut-off time for the flower money and message?
    Is there an email address for which I can use paypal to give the money?

    1. No cut off time yet, but we will decide this soon.

      I will be handling funds and will contact people individually for payment. For now, you can just fill out the form.

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