The IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls 3rd Live Updates

As of today, 10 September 2015, both iOS and Android users can play Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage! To celebrate the release, they had a Niconama today, where they announced several news related to the 3rd live.

First up, as Harada Hitomi (CV of Totoki Airi) has injured herself, her appearance in the live has been canceled, and Matsuda Satsumi (CV of Hoshi Syoko) will appear on November 28th instead. Along with this, the Totoki Airi penlights have been cancelled and instead, they will be preparing a Hoshi Syouko light instead. People who have already ordered the Airi lights can opt to cancel their order instead.

Secondly, the venue has been changed from Makuhari Messe Convention Centre Hall 1~3 to Halls 9~11 for performance reasons. It doesn’t really affect anything much as the halls are still close by.

Finally, they’ve announced that instead of being able to only use the code from the 4th BD for 1 venue, you can use it to apply for up to 2 tickets for both venues!

Dacchan’s absence is unfortunate, but let’s all wish her a safe and quick recovery!

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