Video: 10th Anniversary flowers


I took a series of videos that showed about 90% of the flower stands that were at Seibu Dome. The industry flowers were located in a different area and I didn’t get to film it, but it was a pretty small section. There was kind of a display with flowers in the buppan area separate from the fan flowers, but that looked more like an advertisement.

Here are a series of videos. I tried editing some of these…I kind of suck. Maybe if there’s demand I will whip out a desktop program for trimming the thing, because YouTube’s built-in tools were too limiting for me.

Don’t watch this embedded. Go to Youtube where it’s 1080P, since it’s the least I can do vs blurry cell cam.

Skipping to the chase if you would like, the HPT flower stand is in the last video. The Canada flower stand is in the 3rd video at about 2:30. Team JT’s flowers are in the 2nd video starting at about 3:15.

As a matter of scale, SSA probably had about half as many flowers. HPT itself organized just 2 flowers, the one featuring the prominent maple leaf, and the one partly blocked by a prominent Azusa stand. I am glad some people were happy with what we had, because I felt we spent a lot of money!

There were also a few other stands that members of HPT helped arranged, and you can see most of them in the video as well. There were a dozen or so flower stands on the back end that I didn’t get to because I thought I was done, and my phone was about out of power.

One limitation at 10th was that all the flowers had to withstand outdoor conditions. It was a little windy at times, so the stands can’t be too big (although we saw some really large ones), and it has to withstand rain. Somehow the HPT flowerstand also got blocked. I don’t know how it happened. Our other stands escaped largely harmlessly and to our specifications.

And yes, there were bees there.

Thank you all for your hard work and monetary contribution putting these flowers together!

PS. Generous JP Producer shares his flower photos.

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