THE IDOLM@STER MILLION LIVE 3rd Live Tour & 2nd Live BD Announced

ML3rdDuring the niconama today, the details for the Million Live 3rd tour was announced! In addition, the BD for the 2nd live is slated to come out on December!


  • Nagoya Venue (31 January 2016) @ Nagoya Century Hall
  • Sendai Venue (7 February 2016) @ Xebio Arena Sendai
  • Osaka Venue (12 & 13 March 2016) @ Orix Theater
  • Fukuoka Venue (3 April 2016) @ Harmonie Cinq Kitakyushu Soleil Theater
  • Makuhari Venue (16 & 17 April 2016) @ Makuhari Event Hall

The LIVE THE@TERS DREAMERS 01 Dreaming CD (comes out on 30 September 2015) will have the lottery codes for the live. Each code can be used to apply for up to two venues, and you can apply for up to two tickets for each venue. Performers for each venue will be announced at a later date, but they confirmed that all 37 Millionstars will be attending!

In BD sales news, the MILLION LIVE 2nd LIVE ENJOY H@RMONY!! Live BD will be out on 16 December 2015. There will be a limited edition COMPLETE THE@TER box set with both days that comes with backstage footage and a CD of Welcome!! featuring the performers of the live at ¥20,000 before tax, and they are also selling the separate days at ¥8,000 before tax each.

Additionally, they’ve also announced the sales of all Million Live songs on iTunes and other similar sites.


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