Boots on the Ground

Just a quick update, on all kinds of stuff.

All kinds of Ps are making their way to Japan/Tokyo now, and since even last week.

Imas Cafe (pictured above) is playing the full length version of the song all week! Has been since last week!

Dera Nan2 is still the place to buy the cheapest UO on the street. They have stock but you better get them sooner rather than later, because they will have massive lines come the weekend. Supposedly last weekend they already had 30-minute lines! Their new location is sketchy as heck, even worse than their old location, inside ニュー秋葉原センタービル, but the goods are the same. (Diagonally across the Akiba Book-Off.) Mix Penla Pro is out of stock in Akiba entirely, I think, so you have to make do with what you can get, if that’s your way to go. Check their twitter.

No, Typhoon #11 is not coming. We might get some clouds and the usual showers, but that’s probably it. Sorry TyphoonP.

You can pick up some of the 1Kuji 10th stuff at the Bamco store in Nakano (and elsewhere) and I recommend it. These are pimp can badges.

As if we updated regularly, but we probably won’t get to do much of that until it’s over. If you are coming to 10th, good luck and see you there!

3 thoughts on “Boots on the Ground”

  1. Cant wait to see the post-live posts. Unfortunately, i cant attend the 10th due to school and exams.
    Hope you guys enjoy it anyway \^_^/

  2. I was able to scalp some tickets for both days. :) After waiting around 40 minutes or so in line at dera nan2 I was able to buy some sort of device that uses the round batteries that the other patron assured me should be fine for the live. I was able to buy a great Yayoi bag at kotobukiya as well. Can’t wait for the live! Hope to see some other foreign producers as well, thought the local producers in akihabara have all been very kind to me.

  3. I couldn’t go to the live, but I hope you can enjoy it with all your might!! Good luck to everyone there and… we will be waiting for your report <3

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