Enter Your 10th Codes!

The IDOLM@STER 10th CD round lottery ends in less than 24 hours!!! Please remember to enter your codes! If you have extra codes please remember to share them with someone who might want them!

Here’s the guide we made for you if you need it! Remember to enter all the JP text fields in full-width characters! If it helps, write up the input in notepad or notes application and copy paste into the website application.

Meanwhile, here are some stuff to think about.

Here’s a tweet sharing the sales count (oricon) of these CDs. Seibu Prince Dome holds about 35k seats, give and take a few thousand given the configuration available. Obviously some of these counts accounts for people buying multiple copies of CDs, but that should give you an idea of the win rate.

The CG 10th special lottery also is concluding today, but remember those uses e-plus and requires an e-plus account. Instead they could be picked up at a convenient store instead of having to be mailed somewhere.

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