Producer Meeting News Roundup

In addition to the 10th live details, they also announced a number of other anime, game and CD related news. First up, is the upcoming DLC with a new song titled Good-Byes and featuring Honda Mio as guest!

Still game related, the iDOLM@STER and Taiko no Tetsujin collaboration continues as they’ll keep adding more songs while also releasing a new song 765 Pro song just for it!

CACiQCeUIAE88n2.png largeIn the anime side, they’ve confirmed that Cinderella Girls will be done in 2 split cours, with the first cour ending on 10 April at episode 13, being followed by a rerun of the first cour of the iDOLM@STER anime before continuing with the second cour of CG.

CD-wise, the track list for the first batch of the M@STER ARTIST 03 series is out! Each CD comes with each idol’s new song from OFA, a solo version of a previously released iDOLM@STER song, a cover song, a seasonal cover song in addition to Kimi Channel and ONLY MY NOTE. Following up Ranko’s CD that was announced last week, the debut of Candy Island in the Cinderella Girls anime means the announcement of Anzu, Kanako and Chieri’s  new CD!

Lantis is also following up their LIVE THE@TER HARMONY with a best of album titled The iDOLM@STER LIVE THE@TER COLLECTION Vol.1 -765PRO ALLSTARS- containing both LTP and LTH songs for each one of the 13 765PRO ALLSTARS girls and their version of Thank You! and Welcome!!

Coinciding with their All Japan Tour in the latest Cinderella Girls episode, Jupiter is also getting a new mini album featuring two new songs and a common song shared with the SideM traffic light trio: Dramatic Stars who just got their seiyuu announced a while back.

Ending this news roundup is a reminder that SideM is having a niconama stream tomorrow with Nakamura Shuugo (Tendo Teru), Uchida Yuuma (Sakuraba Kaoru) and Yashiro Taku (Kashiwagi Tsubasa) appearing. Expect more sideM related news in the future!

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