Million Live News Dump 2015/02/26

So the IDOLM@STER Million Radio tonight just gave us a ton of announcements, via its first full-video live stream. Cutting to the chase, enjoy the samples for these two thumpers featuring Miki and Takane, respectively, to be released in LTH 9 and 10.

For the second anniversary of Million Live, some special events have been planned, including coin-backs and free gashas?? Of course there are the usual lotteries for prizes and free SR. Details here.

The live viewing for ML 2nd live is now announced, with lottery starting  on Noon 2/28 Japan time. Details with locations here.

I want~

Lastly, there are the goods to be sold at ML 2nd live. We get our first glimpse (besides the lights that went on sale a month ago) here. In summary, heat-sensitive mug, towel, metal keychain, ticket case, and a t-shirt. This is likely not the final goods list.

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