2/25 Happy Birthday Chihaya!


Today is a special day for our favorite blue-haired singing goddess and queen of perflat. It’s Chihaya’s birthday! And as expected Producers worldwide have taken to celebrating.

United States (Southern California)

These photos were taken from the past weekend in Los Angeles where about 20 Producers and Produnus showed up to celebrate Chihaya’s birthday. I was there as well! We first had dinner at an izakaya restaurant and it was actually the first time that a lot of the Ps there were meeting. After exchanging P cards, we opened up a round of UO beers and kanpai’d for Chihaya. After dinner we headed to Round 1 Arcade where we set up the Chihaya shrine and then karaoke’d until 2am. Haruka also made a guest appearance! のヮの










Wow! Chihaya is really loved worldwide, perhaps I should become a ChihayaP too. Happy birthday Chihaya, we hope you have a great birthday! o/


One thought on “2/25 Happy Birthday Chihaya!”

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