10th Anniversary live viewing Nico lives announced

During the Uchiage Party event earlier this month it was announced that there will be a “Producer Party” held in Shinjuku from 3/14 to later part of the month. I had no idea why they were doing something like that in a theater, but now we know.


A bunch of earlier works for the iDOLM@STER will be screened at these producer parties. To kick things off, on 3/14 there will be a screening of the iDOLM@STER movie and M@STERS OF IDOL WORLD Day 2, along with a talk session with Nakamura Eriko, Fukuhara Ayaka, and Yamazaki Haruka. The talk session will be live streamed on Nicovideo live (login required but free and AFAIK not region locked) here, starting at 3pm Japan time (2am Eastern/11pm-1day Pacific).

On 3/15 the same movie and concert will be screened, but the three members of Jupiter’s CV will be hosting a talk session. This time it will be at 7:30pm Japan time (6:30am Eastern/3:30am Pacific), streaming here.

Days following 3/15, various iDOLM@STER anime and lives will be screened at the theater in Shinjuku, starting with Puchim@s and Anim@s. SSA, ML 1st and CG 1st will follow for the final week of March, ending on 3/29.

All visitors to the Producer Meetings will get a 10th Anniversary can badge. There will also be prize drawings for visitors, details to be announced. For more details please see the official page.

And I’m sure if you are watching those two Nico nama live, the part of HPT awake will be tweeting along with the rest of Producer Nation lol.

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