HPTalk Episode 25: Sorry for Being So Noisy

This episode: Million Live 4th! Also please take caution because the audio is terrible this week!

Podcast notes:

Hosts: omo
Guest: Basu, Moy
Produce: omo
Edit: Rico (extra m_-_m for editing this time)

  • Intro
  • ML4th highlights
  • Ending

We made the most of our trip to the airport day after Million 4th and talked about the live. Literally recorded on the Narita Express, so there was a lot of noise! In exchange, it’s really short. In reality we could take hours talking about the live, but much of it you can find on twitter, or better reported from Basu’s blog posts.

As usual, please send us your questions and comments! Any complaints or requests! We do read them!


Next up: Maybe a normal episode?

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