Mujin Gattai Kisaragi in Super Robot Taisen X-Ω

As a part of the 25th Anniversary celebration for the Super Robot Taisen series, Mujin Gattai Kisaragi along with Ami and Mami will appear for a limited collaboration event this February!

In preparation for the event, a preregistration campaign is currently happening. They’ll combine the amount of the Cross Omega twitter followers and people who have preregistered for the event, and at 30,000 people, they will give out a voiced Ami & Mami Pilot Part! The goodies get better as more people register and follow the official account, and at 76,500 people a special reward will be given out!

As a reminder, two years ago for Christmas, Xenoglossia also had a collaboration with this game, and you can get Imber and Haruka by participating in the event.



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