HPTalk Episode 6

Hara Sayuri

We’re back again with a really long episode. Over an hour this time. Please think of it as a CG3rd special report.

Host: Kuro
Guests: Landro, Dis
Editing, Script: Omo

Podcast notes:

  • Intro
  • Shukuji: Yton birthday, koebuta/seiota, go out there zaitaku
  • Music: Lime – Koi Kaze
  • Current events: AFASG, CG3rd
  • Ending

Exciel-kun was exiled because duty called. Hopefully he will return next recording. We recorded on this past Friday US time so no SideM impression, but we’ll be sure to catch that next recording.

Here is the link to IM@S Party page where you can find the song used this episode. @party_imas for deets on the party. I’ve been digging Nonaka-chin’s stuff, as an aside…

Did you know all the music we used on the podcast was 1) cleared from the remixer/DJ/singer, 2) purchased legit, or 3) free license? We want this to be above board from the beginning, except that copyright for podcast music is still a grey area so there’s only so much we can reasonably do. HPTalk is published with a CC 3.0 license as well.

Due to some goof up on my end the first couple episodes are currently offline. They will be restored soon…as soon as I get some sleep.

This is MachaP’s translation of Sumipe’s eulogy for Mr. Sakurai. May he rest in peace.

Next week: Deresute. Yeah people are playing this game but what would we even talk about? Please send us your questions and topics.

As usual, thank you for listening and writing in. Feel free to ask any questions using the above form, or the comments below.

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