THE IDOLM@STER 10th Anniversary Live News Roundup


As the train conductor said, the live is over and we’re heading back to reality. So here’s a news roundup to let you know how you will be using your money in the upcoming future.

First up, on the 765 Pro side of things, a collaboration with Taiko no Tatsujin: THE IDOLM@STER MUST SONGS have been announced! Check out the PV below and try to hold back your tears as アイMUST GO plays.

Next up is a collaboration between Tekken and THE IDOLM@STER. Thanks HaradaP. This one is probably more relevant to people with access to the arcade boxes with Tekken 7 as it features collaboration outfits, custom titles and also special goods that you can get by filling in a survey that will be out on 5 August.

The iOS Shiny Festa games are also getting a 68% discount, dropping their price to 960 Yen per game! These downloadable games on the PSN are also getting a 39% discount:

  • THE IDOLM@STER ONE FOR ALL PlayStation®3 the Best
  • THE IDOLM@STER Shiny Festa: Honey Sound, Funky Note & Groovy Tune
  • THE IDOLM@STER SP: Perfect Sun, Wandering Star & Missing Moon

They’ve also shown a PV for the Playstation 4 THE IDOLM@STER featuring all of 765 Pro, yes, even though Kami, Maya and Akky weren’t in the live, their voices were in the PV! GamiP said that this was just a periodic report to say that yes, they are still making the Playstation 4 game.

In addition to Mocho x Harami x Ruru Tokimeki no Onpu ni Natte and Ruri x Aimi Twilight Sky Day 2 brings some Cinderella Girls and Million Live related news. In the Cinderella Side, the second season is currently showing, and they’re doing the NO MAKE campaign again with the first card being Miria’s. heso prpr

Please don’t prpr Miria.

The mobile rhythm game, Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage has a new PV up! It comes with its own theme song, titled Todoke! Idol 「とどけ!アイドル

Preregisters are up, and you can get 1000 Star Jewels for preregistering.

In terms of CD and BD releases, the second season opening, SHINE!! will be out on August 5, with Todoke! Idol being the coupling song. The 2nd live BD will also come out on October 28!  Finally, the 8th batch of CINDERELLA M@STER was announced too, but they haven’t announced who, nor when it will come out yet so please wait for the announcements.

In the Million Live side of things, Mocho is still a miracle, and they have just announced their third live! Titled THE IDOLM@STER MILLION LIVE! 3rd LIVE TOUR BELIEVE MY DRE@M, 7 shows will be held in 5 different cities with all 37 Million Stars slated to appear. A special Niconama on August 16 will announce more details for this live. The second Gessan Million Live manga will also be released on August 12, and like before, it will have a special CD, and this time the cover songs are Mirai’s Kimi ha Melody and a duet of Visionary by Serika and Anna.

During the second day of the live, the Millionstars did their newest song: Dreaming! and the CD will come out on September 30, featuring Dreaming by Mirai/Shizuka/Tsubasa, coupled with WELCOME featuring all 50 765 Millionstars. The animated PV they showed a bit of in the live will also be included in the single! The PV even features Serika getting licked by Junior!

Starting with Dreaming as the first CD, the third ML CD series was announced. Titled THE IDOLM@STER LIVE THE@TER DREAMERS, it will feature duet songs! The second album will feature duets by the following:

  • Amami Haruka (CV: Nakamura Eriko) x Kasuga Mirai (CV: Yamazaki Haruka)
  • Takatsuki Yayoi (CV: Nigo Mayako) x Yabuki Kana (CV: Kido Ibuki)
  • Julia (CV: Aimi) x Tokoro Megumi (CV: Fujii Yukiyo)
  • Kitakami Reika (CV: Hirayama Emi) x Kitazawa Shiho (CV: Amamiya Sora)
  • Nanao Yuriko (CV: Itou Miku) x Mochizuki Anna (CV: Natsukawa Shiina)

Its slated to be released on October 28 and will also feature Dreaming sung by the CD members in addition to a mini drama.


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