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Going to Japan for the first time : Basic Checklist

So the date has been set, the 10th anniversary live of The iDOLM@STER will be in July 2015, that’s a bit less than 6 months from now.

You have decided to go, you’ve read the basic live attendance etiquette, your heart is set, you will attend no matter what !

…Something is bugging you though, besides the fact that Japan is know to be extremly hot and humid during Summer. It’s something much simpler really, …you’ve actually never been to Japan before and you are wondering about that.

So here it is, a quick basic guide of what you’ll need to check before going there.

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A flower wreath for THE IDOLM@STER STATION

[Donation is closed! Thank you for all the support!]

Hello this is Omo, here with a simple message.

We’re doing a flower wreath for the Aisute event next week. Do you want in? You don’t really get anything besides the personal satisfaction of being a part of something like this, since we are doing this one on the down low. The details about the flowers are here, sorta. Your name won’t be displayed with the flower, just the “Houkago P Time” moniker. So if you aren’t a part of HPT, I’d recommend you wait until the next time we arrange something unless you really don’t care about stuff like that.

If you want in, send any amount of money to me or use the Paypal button below (which charges a fee). If you don’t know how much to donate, anywhere between $5-40 USD is a good amount.


If we go over the expected cost (~30000 yen) the extra money will roll into our next flower wreath. I am not sure which one that’ll be, but we’ll definitely do one for 10th Anniversary Live.

A note on Anime North

Producers in North America may know about Anime North, which is one of the largest anime conventions in the US and Canada. Located in Toronto and held on US’s Memorial Day Weekend each year, the con hosted two 765PRO ALLSTAR character voice guests in the past two years. Nakamura Eriko (CV: Haruka) was a Guest of Honor in 2013, and Hara Yumi (CV: Takane) was a Guest of Honor in 2014.

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Flower stand for AISUTE!!! Zenzen Aitakatta!

So I’m kind of trying out a new shop for setting up a flower stand, using Aisute!!! as the event. I personally listens to it regularly and subscribe for the omake stuff, and I think it would be cool if others who enjoy Nu/Haramii/Azumin (and Mingosu I guess?) as part of the currently longest running IM@S radio show want to help pitch in to pay for it.

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10th Anniversary Projects

1. commission artwork for site and flower wreath – our resident licensem@ster has some hookups, but others are welcome. concept is more important right now.

2. flower wreath(s) – if demand is there we can do more than one, now that we know how it works for best value

3. teespring – get @momotato to build us another nice shirt! pretty please!

4. basketball jersey – probably spec out from a vendor and provide ballpark price. then take orders.