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Better Know a Producer #18: Landro


Niichang yolo yolo! Landro is one of the first P friends I ever made so I was pretty ecstatic to finally meet him in person at 9th for the first time when I did. Anime North 2015 with Asapon guesting was especially fun too since Landro is also a Futami twins P and it was pretty epic to see a Futami P’s reactions to meeting the real person. A lot of my fun memories in Akiba involve running around the arcades with Landro and he’s quite skilled at a lot of various games himself. Good taste in games, doujinshi, a good man who has done me more favors than I can count. I want to marry him one day.

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Better Know a Producer #17: Robert


I’m running out of things to say in these intros. Wait Rob is a MakotoP? I had no idea until now… er, anyway, without further ado, RobertP…!

Edit: Due to popular demand by Robert fans I’ve been requested to write more about Rob. I actually hung out with Rob a lot during my trip for 10th anniversary we also shared rooming together. I’m pretty sure there were like 3 times I was locked out of the apartment and he had to come outside to get so me or others so he’s a really good person!

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Better Know a Producer #16: Frank


Today’s post is about Frank who I’ve actually known for some time before I met him in person as one of the people who helped run the yukipo archive. Perhaps a little bit crass, he’s got his heart in the right place and is HPT North America’s (un)official photographer responsible for the majority of our Anime North off-kai photos. Relying on you next year too Frank!

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Better Know a Producer #15: vae


The P we’re looking at today is a Makoto P by the name of vae (which apparently is pronounced “vay” not “vai”) and if you couldn’t guess from the way he writes “-our” in stead of “-or” and “-ise” instead of “-ize”, he’s a French Canadian P and another good friend from the cold north. I first met vae in a session of GTAV I believe… but I had the pleasure of meeting vae a couple times now at Anime North and im@s 10th where we actually roomed together along with the other Canadians. And while that was an experience of its own, I greatly enjoyed the few moments of off-time when I got to hang out with him and a few of the other Canadabros and hopefully we can do something like that again in the future.

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Better Know a Producer #12: ShinP

BOkfevcCYAAHxHE.png large

An update? An update! Today’s interviewed P in the Better Know a P series is Shin the Yayoi P who perhaps needs little introduction to anibloggers and/or lolicons around the world of the internet. It’s a bit hard to describe Shin due to his internet repertoire and personality but behind the shitposting tweeter that he’s known to be is someone I’ve known to exhibit unexpected sophistication and reason and generosity. There are times I still don’t believe the person I met in real life was really Shin, but the one memory of him I will share with you involves a 1000 yen dollar being shoved into his pants when I first met him. (^◇^;)

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10th Theme Song and Pre-live Goods Sales Announced!



10th Anniversary’s theme song “Ai MUST GO” has been officially uploaded as a preview. It will also be available on iTunes on 6/19 for 250 yen. Needless to say if you’re going to 10th you’ll wanna familiarize yourself with it.


On-site pre-live goods sale (aka buppan) has also been announced for Friday 7/17, 10:00~19:00.  The location will be the Seibu Prince Dome C parking lot.

10th Live News Update!

CGfrkB0UIAAZ1cl.jpg large

There was quite a bit of information about 10th anniversary detailed in today’s Master Artist 3 nico broadcast so here is the summary:

  • General ippan sales starting 6/13. Outside seating added.
  • Be prepared for im@s songs from the very beginning. Every im@s song could possibly be played.
  • First day will be 765pro focused, songs from arcademas era will definitely appear.
  • The final song will be an original 10th anniversary theme song titled “AI MUST GO”. Will also be added to itunes in June.
  • The live won’t pass 9pm.
  • There will be a special train set up for 10th.
  • Azumin is azutoi.

Better Know a Producer #11: Omo


Today’s featured Producer is Omo a MakotoP and also the guy you can mostly thank for putting this website together! I’m clearly running out of things to say for these P intros but one thing to certainly note is Omo looks a lot like the WUG guy. He also really gets into doing calls and cheering during lives whether BD or in real life despite being an ossan himself. Thinking about it, so do I. A-Am I going to look like that too one day…?

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