HPTalk Episode 29 – HPTalk ga Tomanarai (WOO HOO HOO)

We caught up! Chuck rejoins us after a crazy August and July while Kuro talked about being on a boat. Stay through the episode for a surprise!

Episode notes:

Hosts: Chuck & Kuro
Produce: omo
Edit: Rico

  • Intro
  • Stuff! We cover all the news, SideM stuff, CG tour, Anisama, upcoming Hotchpotch live, 765Pro all stars solo live in Jan, all kinds of things. Did you know Minoringo is the CV for Hajime?
  • Ending
  • Thanks Rico

This week’s episode is pretty short and to the point.

As usual, please send us your questions and comments! Viewer mail makes this show better! You can make a difference!

I don’t think this week’s episode is the last episode!

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