Please donate us your MTG/Master Primal codes!

So, Producers, we need your help.

The gang is getting back together to celebrate Million Live in the form of Million Live Theater Days! Hotch Potch Festival will have all the Million Stars (minus 4), including the two new idols, and all our favorite 765Pros! The two-day concert/celebration at Nippon Budokan this October will be a feisty battle for ticket balloters, and we need all the help you can spare. Since this time there will be ID validation, we especially appreciate it if you can spare us the codes so we can win the tickets outright.

Please fill out the form here or below. The lottery ends on 8/29, so please input your codes by 8/28! If you do not plan to apply for the bonus Megaton Voice live, please try to donate your codes before 8/13 for MTG! (We will make a new form if there is interest to collect M@ster Sparkle codes.)

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