HPTalk Episode 28

Finally! We are back to a regular episode except wait…

We talked about the 12th nama, AX, the Million Live rhythm game, eplus and ID check, CG tours, all the good stuff…

Episode notes:

Hosts: Kuro & BasuP
Produce: omo
Edit: Rico

  • Intro
  • 12th Nama news
  • AX, AWM
  • CG Tour
  • IM@S.KR
  • Cingeki
  • ID check and phone registration for e+
  • Live and BD news
  • A Letter!
  • Million Live Theater Days
  • Ending

We had a busy past month or two, largely due to AX being disruptive. I hope you had fun catching up. The episode was recorded just after we watched the 12th Nama together. This meant we recorded at around 8am Eastern time, which was too “late” for Chuck, so Basu had to pinch hit from Indonesia (with his new headset, thanks Samsung).

We had ONE LETTER OMG THANKS. We also had a ton of stuff to go over, so it’s okay!

As usual, please send us your questions and comments! Viewer mail makes this show better! You can make a difference!

In August there will be a bunch of HPT people in Japan. Maybe an episode after SSA?

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