HPTalk Episode 21: Christmas Special

After the main episode, check out the omake…

And sorry Fred! I actually like Fred so it’s okay…?

Podcast notes:

Hosts: Chuck, Kuro
Guest: omo
Produce: omo
Edit: Rico

  • Intro
  • Current & upcoming events (as of 12/23/2016)
  • Idols against Apples
  • Ending

It’s been a while, so we recapped the current events, and talked about a few things. First of all, please check out the Producer Meeting flower stuff here (it’s closing in a couple weeks!), and watch the White vs. Red video here (or here if it’s blocked).

There’s also a survey of songs you can fill out (that ends on the 27th JP time). Details and above from here.

There is an omake to this week’s recording, which you should listen to only for giggles. It’s a snippet at the break after we finished the game:

Thank you all for listening to HPTalk over the past year! Have a wonderful holiday, Merry Christmas, and all the jazz. I want to thank you all again for participating in our podcast if you’ve written in or suggested something, asked something, guested, or gave us something to do on the show! We couldn’t have made it without you &c. No, seriously, thank you, and we will still be in your care next year!

2016 おわりだよ (●・▽・●)

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