Weekly Nicom@s Roundup: Be My Baby Edition

Be my baby Be my baby Be my baby Be my baby Be my baby Be my baby Be my baby Be my baby Be my baby Be my baby Be my baby Be my baby Be my baby Be my baby Be my baby Be my baby Be my baby Be my baby Be my baby Be my baby Be my baby Be my baby Be my baby Be my baby Be my baby Be my baby Be my baby Be my baby

Well unsurprisingly it’s been almost 3 months since the last one of these which means it’s probably a good time to take weekly out of the title. (^p^)

Today’s Nico Roundup will be a bit different since it’ll be only about BE MY BABY, and what is likely the most well known Cinderella Girls internet \meme/ now. So what exactly is Be My Baby?

The quickest way to find out would be just to watch it as it’s one of those difficult things to explain properly…


For those who prefer a text explanation however… well, you know when you roam related videos on youtube and after a while you land in that odd zone of bizarre videos with the comments saying “I’m in the weird part of youtube again”? Be My Baby essentially falls into that category which Japan likes to call “kusokora” (クソコラ), essentially translating to “shit collab”.

Kusokora can be more than just videos as well but essentially is a collaboration or mashup of two or more different things for comedy, often not making a whole lot of sense in the process. Essentially, Japanese internet memes. In this case, the Be My Baby meme on nico nico douga involves taking a clip from the music video of the song of the same name by ’80’s Japanese rock duo Complex and ‘shooping in Nana and Shin’s faces onto the two men’s bodies in the scene. And that’s really basically it.

A running gag to Be My Baby is also the post-inclusion of the raw material face layer with a blue background, traditionally with Nana and Shin’s faces although after several variations and edits to the video there have been numerous versions created now. Nico creators can use the blue background versions to create their own edits and mashups as they please.

As for the reason of the huge boom in Be My Baby’s popularity… your guess is as good as mine. The previously linked nico video has even gotten over a million views now which is absolutely impressive. For myself I caught onto Be My Baby some time early 2016 and while I thought it was odd at first (like most kusokora are), after seeing it enough times it started to become funny and now I find myself chanting BE MY BABY BE MY BABY♪ when I’m alone. There’s even a Be My Baby GAME you can play where you try to match the heads of either Nana or Shin to the kusokora video.

As for some of my favorite BE MY BABY videos, check them out below.

346’s not so official cover of Be My Baby, created by what’s known as manual vocaloid which emulates the original vocaloid program but the voices are edited manually from other sources (it’s as tough to do as it sounds).


Be My Baby in Starlight Stage. At this point Cygames should just make this real w


A very different ending to episode 24 of Dereani.


Interrupting Be My Baby. It’s never not funny.


A whole hour of Be My Baby collab and mashups.



Odds are if you like kusokora like I do then you’re already an expert on Be My Baby and you’ve seen most or all of these videos. If it’s new to you however and you aren’t finding it so ridiculously bizarre that you’ve already quit reading this far then there’s still several other mashups to check out on nico nico douga. I’ll leave off with one last twitter video of two students performing Be My Baby live with incredible accuracy. I love this.



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