[Translation] An interview with Sakagami P about the future


This is a quick translation of this article from Dengeki Online about Dereste’s future. It didn’t actually have a lot of new information, but I thought it was interesting so here it is for your enjoyment.

Please tell us your honest impressions after achieving number 2 in the application category of the Dengeki Online Award 2015

We got this second place because of your support. Thank you.

From the start of The IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage service on September 2015, we’ve been getting positive responses.

This is thanks to the support of all the producers across the country, please keep on supporting us from now on!

The service started in September 2015, that means its been almost a year right?

The fifth anniversary live for Cinderella Girls will be held on 3 & 4 September in the Kobe World Memorial Hall and on 15 & 16 October in Saitama Super Arena.

Actually, the dates for the Kobe venue will be exactly on the first anniversary of Starlight Stage…

So that means there will be news that will make producers happy?

Well there may be something, or not (laugh). But we’ll make the 1st anniversary exciting. This is all I’m allowed to say at this point.

So unless you go to the live you won’t know the details?

Yes. Speaking of lives, we are releasing The IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Viewing Revolution on the PSVR on 13 October.

The setting is Maihama Amphitheater, the venue for the 1st live and I feel that this will let people experience a live-like atmosphere that can only be achieved through VR.

In the Teaser PV for Viewing Revolution, the setting also allowed each idol to move in their own unique way. Is it possible to use this in Dereste?

I cannot say at this point. We cannot promise something for the future with apps.

I’ve got a lot of interesting stories, but if I talked about it people will get mad at me (laugh).

So these interesting stories is something we’ll enjoy in the future right?

That’s right. Because we’ve been getting positive feedback from everyone, naturally we’re thinking of doing all kinds of things to keep the game exciting.

In Junjou Midnight Densetsu, an original song that came out a while back we added a mic stand. Everyone’s response was overwhelmingly positive, so we’re thinking about similar things to do in the future.

What kind of parts of Dereste are you planning to put more effort to?

Since Dereste’s launch, new songs like Todoke! Idol, Snow Wings, Tulip, Seizon Honnou Valkyria, Hi-Fi☆Days, Junjou Midnight Destiny and Love∞Destiny started coming out.

The response to the choreography for these songs were positive, so we’re planning to keep going and releasing more new songs through Dereste first.

Additionally, the Mobage version of Deremas had its election results released a while back, and Mifune Miyu, Morikubo Nono, Yorita Yoshino and Sato Shin are getting voiced.

We’re planning on announcing the voice actresses through Shiny Numbers, the Cinderella Girls in-game radio. We’re planning on adding their voices to Dereste as well, so please wait for that.

Recently the animation for the potter’s wheel and the sunglasses they wear while sitting on the beach chair is interesting. How did you end up making these?

We started doing these through a corner in the Niconama where the voice actresses say what kind of room items they want. That time, Hara Sayuri who voices Honda Mio said “I want a room item for the beach room! It should look like this!” and we used that idea and implemented it.

We still haven’t implemented the Edo Kiriko (stained glass thingy) and marshmallow catching machine yet, we also received ideas from the cast for things like a tulip decoration, and I believe that we can play around with these materials.

In The IDOLM@STER, there is this thing where items that came from ideas during radios and niconama actually show up in game, and this make the viewers/listeners happy.

You can say that we’re trying to increase the unity of the producers, we’re constantly adding things that everyone can enjoy, and we want people to enjoy the Deremas and Dereste and Cinderella Girls world through the game.

Because of that obsession there were a lot of comments saying “everything in this app is high quality.”

Thank you. But that also makes managing it difficult, so I want to let the staff rest for about a month (laugh).

Even if you cannot answer questions related to the future, please tell me one last thing. During April Fools, Chihiro stood on stage alone, are you planning on letting her do duos and trio songs with other idols?

That was just something we did for April Fools, so please take it that way.

Of course adding Chihiro would be difficult right?

Yes. Similar to The IDOLM@STER’s Otonashi Kotori, a lot of people requested for her, but her original setting is a staff to help connect the game, so we do not want to break that setting.

Of course by using moments like April Fools properly we are thinking of doing all kinds of things to fulfill people’s expectations while not breaking any world settings.

Thank you. Please give the fans who voted a message.

We will continue to make both the app and console game versions of this content known as The IDOLM@STER enjoyable for producers across the country.

So please keep on enjoying the world of The IDOLM@STER.

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