Happy New Year HPT


2015 was a very eventful year.
But not just for iM@S, also for HPT as a group.
We celebrated our first birthday by creating this blog.
We organized a pretty badass offkai at Anime North
We helped organized Kaigais aventures at 10th
We also even launched a Radio/podcast because why not.

I think that we can only top ourselves in 2016. Our wallets may take a toll, but the flames of our passion will never weaver.

And so, to send off 2015 properly, here are some messages from our members;

Southrop said :

“2015 has been an incredible turning point for me. Before this year, I was a casual. But after CG came to C3 HK, my life changed. Many thanks to Shinipapa, prnd and Pine for finding me and ruining my li— awakening me to the true joys of iM@S. It was thanks to that that I finally attended my first iM@S live this year and met many many amazing people. Here’s to many more fun times in future!


Omo said:

2015 was great. 10th was great. Imas psycho. Imas saikou. Thank you all for being awesome. I’m done. Let’s 2016. For TL;DR please see my personal blog posts over at omonomono.com kkthx. 

Karagea said:

Went to first lives in Japan, ML2nd, and Sentimental Venus happened (what just happened, did that really happen, yuiton~~)
…. there’s no way out of iM@S ML anytime soon eh?
Looking forward to ML3rd and (assuming) AN2016.

Robert Said:

Thank you Im@s and HPT for making me poorer than I already am this year. Looking forward to another year of self inflicted poverty. I love you all.

AlteredP said:

A year where I met new brothers and comrades in arms. I love iM@S more than before after being lucky enough to attend my first lives (that unleashed my sleeping DD side) and I’ll be always thankful for what has been the best year of my life (so far w).


PuchimasuTL said:

I can gush about DereAni so much that it probably deserves its own post. So I’ll just keep it to a brief, “DereAni was amazing and its delivery was way beyond my expectations.” The same could be said for the rest of iM@S content, really.

But this year I finally decided to get my head out of my ass and use Twitter. And while I didn’t go to any iM@S events in 2015, I met a bunch of amazing people. I’ve been a P since Animas aired, but this is the first time I’ve actually felt a sense of belonging and community. I’m really thankful Basu found me when he did because I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed 2015 as much as I did otherwise.

I’ll continue to rep the iM@S flag as best I can. これからもよろしくお願いします!

Ozaki said:

This year, HPT amazed me yet again. It was another year of HPT doing a lot of magic! For me, it was also the year of Cinderella Girls, and I became one of the happiest people ever. This year the Toronto P crew has expanded a lot, which also makes me super happi happi, and I hope I can find/enable more in the future. This year I’ve become more of a CG DD than ever, and next year I hope to learn a whole lot more (including ML too of course) and become even more DD. I look forward to all the new lives next year and hopefully the ML anime

Nitsuano said:

This was a big year for me in iM@S. It was the year I turned from a casual fan to a full blown P and it’s all because of AN. Since then I’ve met so many great people and I appreciate every one of them. In the new year I’m looking forward to AN 2016 to meet people I didn’t get to last time and I’m looking forward to possibly going to 11th if things work they way I would like them too.

Basu said:


Eiffeil said:

Over 3 years after getting into iM@s, I finally got a chance to meet other Ps in real life.
From my first off-kai with the GTA crew to my life-changing experiences at AN and all the really cool things I got to do at AX, I’ve already met a ton of amazing people and had a ton of great experiences, not even all of which have been directly related to iM@S.
The iM@S community is really unique in its spirit of danketsu. I’ve grown as an iM@S fan and as a DD, and I’ve had a ton of fun.
To ALL my fellow Ps, DDs, and other people I’ve met or have yet to meet, thank you.
iM@S Saikou!

Disgaemad said:

This year’s been wild, is all I can say after experiencing both 10th and CG3rd. Especially seeing how far the eventing crew’s come, too; back at 8th it was just me Basu and Landro (Shinn too, but we weren’t at the same venue unfortunately), so it’s great knowing there’s always gonna be a sizeable crew of good people to hang out and experience the greatness with whenever you’re there. As for next year, ML3rd hype all the way baby. Hopefully money and work will allow for 11th, CG4th and SideM 2nd too.

Otsu lads, cannae wait tae see everyone again soon.

Seraph said:

2015 was a big year for imas. 10th year anniversary, Cinderella Girls growing massively in importance… It was also a year very rich in events and emotions for many of the producers. For me, 2015 was the year in which idolm@ster shifted from a thing I like to THE thing I like. As it is I’ve sunk way more money and hours into it this year than anything else. It was also the year in which I really got engaged with other producers from around the globe. All-in-all, a really rich (although not money-wise) year.

2016 is lining up to be a really good year for imas, starting with ML3rd up in the first few months of the year. Personally I’ve got 11th lined up in my sights and hopefully I can make it happen and pay a visit to the awesome producers up there in the homeland. Maybe Anime North will bring us some more imas seiyuu in 2016! We can only hope.

Exciel (stealthily edits this in late) said:

Just thinking about 2015 makes me wish to tear up, especially with all these end of the year announcements (congratulations Nigo-chan!!). 10 years of im@s, the time has flown by but so many things have happened and I’ve made so many important memories along the way. I sincerely hope I can continue to walk this journey together with everyone for as long as I can.



Well, there you go. Personally this year has been crazy for me as far as iM@S event goes.

I got to see Asapon at Anime North, I spent an incredible amount of money to go see Moyochi at Anime Expo ( a con I swore to never go back to), I flew to Japan for the 10th anniversary, went back again and attended the Cinderella Girls 3rd anniversary, got to witness the first SideM live (at a liveviewing). But it wasn’t just that, I got to hang out with extremely awesome Producers, and have so much fun all the time.

Thanks for everything HPT, and see you’ll next year, and don’t forget: \アイマス最高/

Happy New Year !

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  1. happy new year!
    thx for the blog!

    see you on august in japan! i will be there, so i hope we can see a concert together

    see ya

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