HPTalk Episode 7

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We’re back with a still long-but-not-as-long episode. It is the Deresute episode. I hope you ranked. Even if you didn’t, listing to these jokes should make you feel better about yourself.

Host: Chuck, Kuro
Guests: PuchiTL, Southrop
Editing, Script: Omo

Podcast notes:

  • Intro
  • Current events: SideM, Must Songs, 876TV
  • Shukuji: Deresute discussion
  • Music: None…
  • Ending

Exciel returns with M@ster-baron PuchTL (Mike) and Whistleblower Southrop about making slides and middle exits. We know some of you want us to explain all these jokes, but it is not easy as you can see this week. But hang in there, we’ll try to do something somehow.

We did talk about Deresute and thank you for your kind letters and ask-a-question bullet points. We do read all your letters even if we don’t mention anything, because sometimes it’s not appropriate to mention them on the show, or we might be saving it for a later episode.

Meanwhile, some shameless plugs:

Deresute Wiki
PuchiTL’s scanlated doujinshi
Translated Deresute Commu on Youtube

Next week, we will have a discussion on SideM! Please send us your questions and letters.

As usual, thank you for listening and writing in. Feel free to ask any questions using the above form, or the comments below.

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