【SOS聞こえた】THE IDOLM@STER Xenoglossia to join Super Robot Taisen X-Ω

CV7ssBZWoAA_xZLIn yesterday’s announcement, Gami P said that he wanted to shine some spotlight on the IDOLM@STER Xenoglossia as a part of the 10th Anniversary of the franchise, and to do that, Xenoglossia will appear in Super Robot Wars X-Ω, the franchise’s smartphone game.

To celebrate this, the first episode of Xenoglossia will also be available for free in b-ch (for Japanese region only).

The announcement banner on the SRW site says that Xenoglossia will be in the game for a temporary period (and looking at Haruka’s (CV. Iguchi Yuka) outfit, it seems like they’re going to do a Christmas event with Xenoglossia). We’ll update you as further details are announced.


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