Million Live 3rd Live Tour BELIEVE MY DRE@M!! updates


We’ve got quite a few updates related to the Million Live 3rd Live Tour. Web lottery applications for the cinema live viewings for each venue will start on 19 December 2015 and ends at 11 January 2016. If you missed that out, general sales for the live viewing will start on 23 January 2016. Keep reading after the break for more news.

Just like what they did during wanst, you can request any 765 Pro songs released by Columbia and Lantis to be performed on the tour. As a reminder, in addition to The IDOLM@STER, they also performed Go My Way, Kiramekirari, Kyun Vampire Girl, Relations AND Jibun REST@RT during wanst.

Pre-live goods sales have restarted again at Lalabit, and it will end on 4 January 2016. This time, they are not selling the 37 colours pack of cyalumes, but you can still get the individual idol colours in addition to the live tour T-shirt, towel, wristbands and other assorted goods. In general, live tours will have some venue specific goods (usually T-shirts and wristbands) that won’t be sold online.

Not directly related to the 3rd live tour, but the preview for Hibiki x Tsubasa and Sayoko x Minako’s new songs is out.

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